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Hugo Frame – The structural integrity of a Hugo product begins with the frame

Precision-cut wood frame parts are made from kiln-dried oak and walnut and rubber wood laminates to resist warping, cracking and structural failure. All joints are "double-blocked" for long-term stability. All connecting surfaces are glued, stapled and power-screwed for added strength and dependability. A Hugo frame is sturdy.

Hugo Suspension System – The comfort of a Hugo product begins with the suspension system

We utilize time-tested method of suspension construction that provides incomparable support, comfort and longevity. Hugo-conform is built from the inside out. We start with the stability of our frames. Then install a superior suspension system. Finally we add the finest seat cushion options in the industry. The result is a Hugo seating system constructed for your comfort needs.

Hugo Cushions

Like the frame, when it comes to the cushions of leather upholstery, many of the options that are available in fabric upholstery apply. The best selling leather upholstery features high-density foram cushions but blend-down and spring-down are also available.

Hugo Hides – Leather upholstery has many advantages

It is strong yet soft. It doesn't tear, burn or puncture easily. As leather upholstery breathes, it doesn't get cold and moist in the winter or hot and sticky in the summer. For the tropics, leather upholstery is excellent. No matter the styling, Hugo leather upholstery furniture is soft, supple and comfortable all the time.

Hugo's Product Styling – Our contemporary Hugo furnishings have interesting features

Furnishings in Bauhaus-styling are marked by clean, simple lines. Lines can be hard-edged or gently curving. Finishes in all tones tend to be smooth and refined. Form follows function with long and low rectilinear lines to the ground. It has organic and asymmetrical shapes with little or no ornamentation. Urban-styling comes in flaring lines with a little ornamentation and a range of finishes in leather. The Hugo's casual contemporary has rounded and eased edges in medium oak finishes with soft surfaces in pillow tops and pub backs on sofas.